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EEAP is a boutique equine veterinary facility that places emphasis the relationship between veterinarian, client and patient. A trust and respect is formed between all parties to ensure the horses health and clients expectations are met.


What We Provide

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Preventative Care is the foundation for your horses health. EEAP will discuss and implement the correct vaccination schedule, deworming protocol, necessary bloodwork/endocrine panel, nutitional requirements, and dental needs required for your individual horse. Continuity of care allows Dr. Trish to follow your horses needs year to year without you having to explain it to someone new.



Utilization of Globalvetlink provides fast and easy access to your important papers at your fingertips. No need to panic at midnight before a show, go to there site and print out your coggins or health certificates. Please however make sure documents are current! EIA  for travels or shows are usually required annually and health certificates within 30 days of travels.



Yearly dental exams are necessary to optimize your horse's health throughout their lifetime. A qualified veterinarian is essential in legally sedating your horse for a documented exam with radiographs if necessary. A full mouth speculum will allow optimal visualization and access to the oral cavity. EEAP uses a battery operated power float that provides an efficient and pain free float. Any wolf teeth extractions or cap removal can also be performed while under sedation.  Dr. Trish loves dentistry and attends continue education seminars, wet labs, and certified training to improve and stay current in the field of dentistry annually.



EEAP is available to perform lameness evaluations and prepurchase exams. She has state of the art digital radiographs and ultrasound. Intra-articular injections can be performed at your barn or at the clinic. Mesotherapy for sore neck and backs is also available.



EEAP started out ambulatory in 2006 and soon found a need for affordable, compassionate hospitalization. Today the hospital is situated on 36 acres in Grandview with Dr.Trish living on property and providing all aspects of your horses care. EEAP is equipped with camera's in each stall, cbc/chemistry machine, lactate, SSA, digital ultra sound, and digital radiography. Communication on your horses condition is paramount. Board certified specialist are consulted or/and referred to when needed. We strive for "what is best for the horse and if  I don't know, I will find someone that does.



EEAP foals out around 20 to 30 foals a year. We like to follow your mare's pregnancy from 60 days gestation on with trans abdominal ultrasounds to access fetal viability and placental sufficiently when your horse comes in for their 5,7,9-month pneumoborts. Pre foaling vaccinations will be administered at 10 months gestation, where we will then discuss when your mare will be admitted to the hospital for foaling out. Foal alert placement and cameras ensure the vet is present for each delivery.  Post foaling examinations are performed with the availability of plasma if requested or warranted.



The worst time to look for an equine vet is when your horse needs emergency care. EEAP provides emergency services to established clients, those that have done their preventative care with us in the last twelve months. Relationship and trust are the key elements. Having Dr. Trish know the client's abilities and comfort level coupled with knowledge of the horses past medical history will make a scary situation more manageable and with a better outcome.  Please however be proactive and have plans to be able to transport your horse into the clinic or referral hospital if surgical need arises.

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